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We rethink food contract manufacturing - shaking up the status quo!

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Agilery food manufacturing line

Agilery’s mission is to catalyze this good change in our food system by rethinking contract manufacturing and supply chains: Being a general contractor, we are agile and can pull together the most ideal manufacturing and supply chain setups in Europe, across all product categories and at any given volume scale – fully independent and fully transparent. Consequently, we “democratize” food manufacturing and break with the old standards and innovation hindering sector legacies.

Our belief

We believe that our food system has just started to undergo profound changes. Entrepreneurs and innovative companies are inventing new products and techniques to tackle imminent global challenges: saving the planet, feeding the population, improving our health.


Meet the team

Bénédicte Veinand

Chief Operations and Co-Founder of Agilery

Marcin Niedzielski

Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Agilery

Jonas Schneider

Chief Information and Co-Founder of Agilery

Alice Freuler

Senior Project Manager

Diana Courthion

Project Leader

Corina Sommer

Office Manager

Margaux Rob

Senior Project Manager

Amrutha Anandaraman

Project Manager

Magali Ozil

Project Manager

Roberta Lima

Project Manager

Luca Grandjean

Account Executive

Luca Bosello

Project Manager

Sarah Romanek

Project Manager

Where are we?

Europe scope, based in Zurich, Switzerland