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These are The 6 Perks of Owning and Managing Your Supply Chain

Authors: Bénédicte Veinand, Andrea Derrez

Entrusting manufacturers with your recipe and hoping they will do the rest can feel like a leap into the unknown.

There is, however, a more transparent and effective approach that promises to reshape the way you bring your innovative food and beverage products to market.

What is Supply Chain Ownership?

Supply chain ownership means taking control over ingredient sourcing, production, distribution, and delivery.

Whether you want to take the active approach or entrust professionals, like Agilery, the more knowledge and engagement you have with the different stages of production the more optimised and cost effective your brand becomes. 

"The ultimate goal is to establish a seamless flow of goods, information, and resources, ensuring a well-coordinated and efficient process from start to finish."
Benedicte Veinand, COO at Agilery

Perk 1: Accelerate Your Product Launch

Traditionally, launching a new product takes an average of two years to reach the market.

Yet, with Agilery at the heart of your supply chain, this timeline can be significantly condensed. Leveraging our lean processes, in-house expertise, and extensive supplier and co-manufacturer network, you can take your product from concept to launch in just six months.

Perk 2: Smarter Ingredient Sourcing 

Drawing on our expansive supplier network, we meticulously identify ingredients that possess the ideal sensory attributes, cost-effectiveness, and minimum order quantities.

Our flexibility allows us to seamlessly switch suppliers, while actively seeking innovative solutions for sensory enhancement and cost optimization. This higher level of flexibility translates to lower overall risk for your project.

Perk 3: Proactive Risk Management

At Agilery, we take a proactive approach to risk management. We closely monitor suppliers, swiftly implement contingency plans, and always have a plan B in place.

This approach allows you to focus on business growth while staying ahead of potential challenges.

Perk 4: Protect Your Recipes

To bolster the protection of your recipes, we introduce an additional layer of security by relabeling your special ingredients before they are shipped to your contract manufacturers.

Furthermore, we ensure the safeguarding of your innovative processes by strategically assigning different co-manufacturers to handle distinct production stages.

Perk 5: Stronger Relationships for Better Terms

Within our extensive supplier network, we leverage our negotiation expertise to secure more favorable terms, including priority access to ingredients.

By expertly managing the intricacies of collaboration with various contractors, we enable you to undertake ambitious projects that were once thought unattainable.

Perk 6: Be Sustainable and Mean It

By assuming ownership of the supply chain, Agilery places sustainability at the forefront. We integrate environmentally friendly practices throughout the production process, from sourcing to delivery.

Our freedom to select suppliers aligned with sustainable principles helps reduce the ecological footprint of your projects.

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Whether you opt to manage your supply chain independently or enlist the expertise of professionals, one thing is clear: taking control of the process empowers you to drive business growth at an accelerated pace. Witness firsthand the transformative potential it holds for your food and beverage innovation journey.

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