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Swiss Wine Mogul to Penetrate Market with Nonalcoholic Alternatives

Brand with 400 years of legacy in wine wants to meet growing consumer demands for non-alcoholic alternatives by launching alcohol-free portfolio of wines and aperitivos. Our team helps with product implementation from A-Z.

- The challenge -


From vineyards to mocktails

Bataillard is Switzerland's largest wine merchants still under family ownership. Their team of over 100 wine experts, with dozens of awards under their belt, are pushing the boundaries of the industry.

Based on a consumer research they decided to expand their already broad range of products with non-alcoholic wines and aperitivos. As mocktails and alcohol-free spirits are a totally different ballgame,  they were looking for an experienced partner to bring their innovative concept to life.

Agilery was asked to collaborate with Bataillard for the development and implementation of two non-alcoholic aperitivo alternatives, named Sunrise and Sunset, in the Swiss market.

Bataillard's new non-alcoholic aperitivo production

- Results- 


2 alcohol-free aperitivo recipes



Found bottling and production partners


Organised first batch production

- The solution -

Turning a beverage concept to MVP

The project consisted of three phases - recipe development, co-manufacturer mapping, and implementation. We tapped into our lean approach, to accelerate the journey to the final recipe.

We started with creating the minimum viable product, MVP, our Product Development team formulated recipes for the Sunrise and Sunset. The products were designed as bases for mocktails with natural ingredients, 0.0% alcohol content. After the recipes were finalised, we detailed the nutritional information and serving recommendations for each product.

The prototype underwent both client and customer (bartender) evaluations to further elevate and optimise the MVP.

In case of the non-alcoholic sprakling wines, the tastings involved an in-house oenologist to choose the flavor profile with the highest aroma recovery after the dealcoholization. This method is very useful in speeding up the feedback loop and reaching the final taste characteristics quicker.

We conducted an extensive supplier assessment, evaluating over 49 potential co-manufacturers based on their capabilities and MOQ. Regarding production, we contacted over 40 potential co-manufacturers and shortlisted 5 based on sustainability, hot-filling, pasteurization capabilities, and flexibility to produce in cans.

In terms of packaging, the client initially leaned towards premium glass bottles. The desired premium cap design, however, posed challenges in terms of performance, particularly in relation to shelf life. Consequently, they opted for a design that not only prevents oxidation but also extends the product's shelf life.

"Collaborating with Bataillard was an absolute pleasure", expresses the Project Manager Diana Darwish. "The trust we shared in our working relationship laid a strong foundation for the project’s success. Their high standards and meticulous attention to detail were truly inspiring, while their practical approach and ability to see the big picture were instrumental in driving the project forward."

- Success factors -


Starting with MVP

Feedback received during the adaptation process from real-world users, particularly bartenders, accelerated the development journey towards the final version.


Experimental mindset

The client was open to explore innovative custom solutions to get the full advantage of lean beverage innovation.


Joining project
early on

Our collaboration started from an idea and this gave us the opportunity to approach the project holistically as if it was our own brand.